Fitness Rx by James Kohler

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Personalized, Weekly Workout Routines and Diets!

  • Efficient - maximize results in the shortest possible time.
  • Accountability - submit training and diet logs to your coach.
  • Motivation – continual changes made to your plan and online support given.
  • Cost effective - saves you money compared to conventional personal training.
  • Self-efficacy - feel empowered taking control of your healthy lifestyle.
  • Sustainable - realistic to how much time you can allocate to fitness.

James Kohler's inspiring passion for fitness will help you create the body you’ve always wanted and his commitment to transforming lives is proved by his clients' success!

Transform Your Body with 12-Week Workout and Nutrition Plans!

  • Individualized
    Tailored to your specific needs.
  • All-encompassing
    Resistance training, cardio, nutrition and supplementation combined in one plan.
  • Time efficient
    Practical for people with busy schedules.
  • Scientifically based
    Professionally validated and results driven.

    Receive a FREE copy of the book Muscle Rx and Sculpted by Choice DVD with program!


Move better, feel better and look better!

  • Westside and Conjeo Valley locations
  • Gym or In-home
  • One-on-one, tandem or group training
  • Lose body fat and increase lean body mass!
  • Improve energy and vitality!
  • Dynamic and engaging workouts!